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Music at the Art Chamber
Art Chamber
Galeria de Belas Artes
Art Chamber Galeria de Belas Artes

Chriselle Mendonca, Karla de Sousa and Kim Costa

Friday 17th Feb
... budding young soprano students of Juliana de Sa, will be giving their performing debut.

Ingrid Nazareth will accompany them on the piano

The Programme consists of works written by WA Mozart, Schubert, Handel, Faure and Delibes and others

Karla Maris de Sousa
Chriselle Mendonca
Kim Costa

A review of the concert

I think you're now hitting the real 'template'---for creative and socially beneficial programming of your fine 'purpose built' amphitheatre-cum-gallery edifice. It was a fine Program, and the stratagem is a natural one---opening a door for young talent, which at the same time practically guarantees 'full house'---because these young people each have neighbors, friends and Family, who happily come to see them perform. My strongest motivation for attending was to observe the promise of young, aspiring vocal performers. Your venue is perfectly suited to this type of programming, and you will be doing significant community service by continuing with it. To me it is the appropriate solution for difficulties that we began discussing three years back. No need for you going to THEM; THEY (Gov't Departments & Cultural Sector NGOs) will be coming to you!

In that 'scouting context' I would say that all three of them did themselves proud, but if I am to single out one for 'special mention' it would be Karla---and there I would 'qualify'. She was charmingly perfect in the comic roles, for which she was beautifully costumed (kudos to the designer) and with gestures, body language and intonation equaling a 'prima donna'; but with the more serious stuff (Ave Maria/Caccini) she has trouble with the high register---for which more training work, and maybe quite a lot of it, will be required. In terms of further work there may be a choice: between going in the direction of lighter (comedic) roles for which she is ideally suited, or undergoing the amount of training necessary to handle the very serious stuff with high-register ascending. Altogether, though, I should think that there is the makings of a real operatic talent there.

The work of Ms. Juliana de Sa should in the fullness of time qualify for the highest State Award that exists, for life achievement in the cultural sector.

Dan Driscoll (former member of the Canadian Film Board)