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Art Chamber Galeria de Belas Artes

Coleen Athparia

Art Chamber presents:

A classical piano recital
Canadian Pianist

Colleen Athparia
Thursday 18th December 2014
time: 8.00 pm
venue Art Chamber, Calangute

A professional pianist, Colleen Athparia has made a career for herself as both a solo and chamber musician, a reputable music teacher and as a recording artist. In 1976, she placed first in the national Canadian Music Competition and was awarded the Gold Medal.
After completing a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Toronto, she entered Indiana University where she earned a Master of Music degree with distinction, studying under the distinguished maestro Gyorgy Sebok.
. Having performed frequently on Canadian Broadcast Corporation's regional and national broadcasts she is known as a versatile, first rate classical musician in the country. Her touring schedule has taken her to the U.S.A., India, Hong Kong, Guam, Thailand, Japan, Morocco, Russia, Israel, Mexico, Taiwan, Indonesia and all across Canada.
Colleen's extensive teaching career has included instruction at the Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto where she continues to be on their Senior Board of Examiners. and since 1981 at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta, travelling extensively to give
workshops, master classes, and adjudications. In 2009 Colleen was among "50 outstanding performers honoured in Ottawa who have played exceptional roles in shaping Canadian music over the past 50 years." She has been heralded by the National Post as one of the top four Canadian pianists of contemporary music today Her studio in Calgary features some extremely talented students who have won national and international competitions, but most importantly who love music!

I am a concert pianist specializing in the performance of works by living composers, playing rarely performed repertoire, and giving voice to some of our fine Canadian composers.
- - The CD that I am proposing contains a selection of solo piano works previously not recorded from recitals that I have performed over the past three years in Canada, Mexico, and Indonesia, the majority of which were commissioned by me. Because many of these works were written especially for me by composers who respect me as an artist and know well my pianistic style, I have a strong affinity for these works and feel I can interpret them in a very personal way.

- Secondly this is a world premiere recording! All works have not been previously recorded. Kelly -Marie Murphy who won the prestigious prize last week at the Winnipeg New Music Festival has been approached by two other well-known Canadian pianists including Heather Schmidt to record her work but she has refused to give them permission because she really wants me to do the first recording, having written it especially for me and having collaborated on the piece together before the first performance.

- This CD also contains improvisatory music which is quite unusual in the classical music field. Allan Bell's "Danse Sauvage" contains a middle section that is completely to be improvised by the performer. When this work was performed by the 16 semi-finalists in the Esther Honens Competition from around the world, every performance was unique. And so with the world premiere recording of this fantastic piano piece, there will be much interest in my interpretation and unique improvisation.

This will be my 5th complete CD recording and 4th solo CD. My first, "Music of Countryside and Wilderness" was recorded with the violin, cello, piano trio Music Mosaic which included the premiere recording of Allan Bell's "Innua" as well as his work for cello and piano entitled "Monashee". The second was with SNE Montreal label and included piano works by the French-Canadian composers Papineau-Couture and Morel as well as Spanish music. The third titled "Ancient Gardens" featured solo piano works by Canadian, French, and Brazilian composers depicting sound images of gardens. My most recent "Polaris" was devoted entirely to Canadian solo piano music by Chan Ka Nin, Allan Bell, Brent Lee, David Eagle, Hope Lee, and Alexina Louie.

I try to be sensitive to my audience's response to the works I perform and so these are all works that communicate. Although "new music" is often considered interesting to a small audience, I have discovered as an interpreter and performer that many people have been surprised to discover they liked or were moved by music they never would have imagined enjoying. These pieces I plan to record have resonated with audiences in this way and I know they will want to share their experience with others by passing on the CD. In this way, education is a secondary but equally important artistic value, thus enhancing cultural literacy. Recordings offer the luxury of repeat performances in the intimate setting of the home where the music can communicate more deeply and be understood better.

At this point in my mid-career, this recording is very important to me and I have put much thought into it for several years. It will stretch my capabilities as a performer both technically and artistically. Each previous recording I have made has included Canadian repertoire, but this will be my second CD dedicated entirely to contemporary Canadian music. All of my previous recordings have received a great deal of exposure on CBC, both regionally and nationally. You can also notice from my enclosure from the National Post front page a few years ago that they have ranked me among the top five Canadian pianists of contemporary music today.

This CD will heighten awareness of the high quality of newly composed piano music coming out of our province both nationally and internationally. In my career it will allow me to showcase many new works of varying styles to New Music Festivals and concert promoters especially in countries other than Canada.