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Art Chamber
Galeria de Belas Artes
Art Chamber Galeria de Belas Artes
selected CMS concerts held at Art Chamber
CMS N0 47 Aveline Gram
4th April 2017
CMS N0 46 Apoorva Devanjan
9th December 2016
CMS N0 45 The Bangaloe Men
29th October 2016
CMS N0 44 THREE X, Poland
17th Feb 2016
CMS N0 43 Berkendael Duo, Praha
27th October 2015
CMS N0 42 Shyamant Behal, Paris
20th November 2015
CMS N0 41 Haydn Baryton Trio, Budapest
30th October 2015
CMS N0 40 Rupert Boyd
14th October 2015
CMS N0 39 Joanne d'Mello & Sung ah Park
18th September 2015
CMS N0 38 Shantanu Patel
11th September 2015
CMS N0 37 Ignacio Lusardi Monteverde
8th August 2015
CMS N0 36 Arties in India
14th March 2015
CMS N0 35 Marialena Fernandes and Hotel Palindrone
18nd February 2015
CMS N0 33 Eugene Alkaly
17th January 2015
CMS N0 32 Colleen Athparia
18th December 2014
CMS N0 31 Meagan Alphonso
11th December 2014
CMS N0 30 Martinvan Hees
7th November 2014
CMS N0 29 Karl Lutchmayer,
4.August 2014
CMS N0 28 Utsav Lal & Sam Comerford
1 st April 2014
CMS N0 27 Marialena Fernandes
24th Feb 2014
CMS N0 26 Tanay Joshi
OJCF Foundation winner of annual competition
28th jan 2014
CMS N0 25 Rasa Zukhauskaite & Rudolf Ludwig
20th Sept 2013
CMS N0 24 Tatiana Samoylova
17th Sept 2013
CMS N0 23. Christine Chareyron,
31st August 2013
CMS N0 22 Karl Lutchmayer,
5.July 2013
CMS N0 21 Bianca Mendonca & Neville Bharrucha, July 2013
CMS N0 20 The Baryton Trio, Hungary
26th Mar 2013
CMS N0 19 Martin Hoehenrieder
15 Feb 2013
CMS N0 18 Natalia Kapylova
CMS N0 17 Neecia Majolly & Jonas Olson
CMS N0 16 Ambre Hammond
CMS N0 15 Karl Lutchmayer
Feed Back and comments:


Dear Rudolph,

After two months my stay here in Goa is coming to an end and i will return to Paris. i wanted to tell you that i had a splendid time. This was not only due to the weather, beach , friends and food but to a great extent thanks to the cultural events Goa has to offer.

My friends and I are very grateful that people like you make the effort and bring artists and performers to Goa like the ones I enjoyed at the Art Chamber. The Gipsy music/Django Reinhard evening was such fun and reminded me of the Django Reinhard festival outside Paris which draws thousands of people.
The evening with Chloe and Chelsea de Souza was a wonderful discovery of young talent, they surely will continue 'uphill' and i look forward seeing them perform one day in one of the big concert halls in France or the US. They surely have the right DNA.
Another interesting musical evening you gave us this week with Marielena Fernandes and the Palindrone Hotel orchestra introducing the most unusual instruments. The Bela Bartok interpretation was a real discovery. Marialena had rhythm and fire and the audience loved singing along to one of the Goan folksongs.

Rudolph, i hope you continue offering such quality events to the Goan people and us 'short-term' Goans. It makes coming back to this lovely part of India so much more interesting .
Thanks and i look forward seeing you - and perhaps a new musical festival? -next year.
Warm regards

Monika Hallermayer
IBM, Paris





Many thanks for this! We look forward to seeing you at your future events.
Sorry if we just seemed to disappear after that wonderful guitar recital. I don't know about you, but this was one of those occasions when I just want to get away and re-live the experience in my mind without having to talk to anyone. The last time I felt like this was 2 years ago after a live performance of Mahler 8 at the Royal Albert Hall!
All the very best
- Nigel

Nigel Dixon,

_________ _________________________________________________


In January 2015 I had the pleasure of visiting Goa for 2 solo Piano Recitals and one Master Class, presented by Pro Musica&The Classical Music Soiree (CMS) at The Arts Chamber, in collaboration with the European Piano Teachers Association (EPTA) India Associates. I had a wonderful musical, cultural and aesthetic experience in Goa. I played works by Handel, Schubert, Beethoven and Liszt. My first recital was hosted by Pro Musica at the Menezes Braganza Hall in Panjim on 15 January. The hall was beautiful and the audience, very warm and enthusiastic. The next day, on 16 January, I gave a master class at Kala Academy in Panjim, in which 4 piano students aged 14 to 22 performed, including a graduate of Goa University. I found the students talented, extremely serious and eager to learn, such that it was a pleasure to work with them. On 17 January I gave a recital as part of the CMS series at the Art Chamber-CastelloVermelho in Calangute. Again, I had a very appreciativereception and audience, which, like the audience in Panjim, warmly invited me to play encores. There were people who attended both my recitals! In between concerts I also managed to get to the beach and admire the Portuguese culture, architecture and historical heritage of Goa. I will remember my experience for a long time, and hope to come back to Goa in the future. I was also impressed to see initiatives such as Child's Play India Foundation, which seeks to introduce music to underprivileged children. I believe that with the right resources and encouragement, Western Classical Music has a great potential to develop in Goa.


Eugene Alcalay,
D.M.A., The Juilliard School
Steinway Artist, Fulbright Scholar
Professor of Music-Piano



I just got back to Canada after a 50 hr return trip! (Delhi fog delays, etc) and am trying to catch up with my teaching, 400+ emails, etc. etc. But it was a most wonderful trip and Goa was definitely a highlight, although too short! Ended up playing an extra concert in Guwahati as well. .. It was a real pleasure to meet you both and hopefully we'll see each other again.
All the best to you!


Colleen Athparia,
concert pianist, educationalist



What a perfectly marvellous performance yesterday evening!
Thank you , and all concerned , for all your time and trouble, for our mutual delight!
Best Wishes,

Charlotte Hayward


My sister and I attended the wonderful concert given by Banjara this evening. The musicians played such lively and vibrant gypsy music that I couldn't stop my feet from tapping! Excellent! Well done for organising the concert. I look forward to the next one.

Norma Perceval-Price

Hello Rudolf,

kann dir nicht genug danken für deine mühe, deine liebe zu kunst, zu risiko, zu gesamtwerk, etc... bin gerade noch am leben, gleich anschliessend beim como festival in Italien mit 3 klaviertrios, haydn, beethoven dvorak.
morgen nach zürich, solo recital

Dr. Marialena Fernandes
Professor University of Performing Arts, Vienna

... ich komme höchstwahrscheinlich in dieser Saison noch einmal, weiß aber noch nicht, wann es sich ausgehen wird. Das Konzert Soprano&Piano hat mich sehr beeindruckt, ein wunderschönes Erlebnis und ein wunderschöner Rahmen, ich beglückwünsche dich für das, was du da geschaffen hast. Viele liebe Grüße, Valerie

Valerie Springer,
Gallerist, novelist

... There are far too many fumbling and personally ambitious amateurs in the access game. I admire a few of them, you included, but I would like to see most of them roasting in hell.

Nomen Nesciat
LM, London

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