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Art Chamber
Galeria de Belas Artes
Castelo Vermelho 115/a, Gauravaddo
403516 Calangute, Goa, India
email : artchamber@gmail.com
mob: 0091- 9823217435

Presently we can only sell tickets offline, booking through email or phone and buy them at the Art Chamber

Entry pass for classical concerts:

A - Grade artists. Rs 2000/-

B - Grade artists: Rs 500/- - 1000/-

C - Grade artists: Rs 300/- - 500/-

D- Grade artists: Rs 300/-

A- Grade artists:
They are specially invited and flown in from abroad by Art Chamber, only for a concert at Art Chamber. These are artists with an International reputation and have played at major venues in the world. They have a major appeal and are a major attraction.

B- Grade artists:
They are highly accomplished and with an International reputation who have won International competitions as well. However they are touring India and give concerts at other places too. Art Chamber is a part of the local circuit in India. Entry Passes depend on number of the group performing

C- Grade artists:
These are promotional concerts of upcoming artists. They are in the professional line and we pave the way for them. Also many of the 'World Music" events that we host fall under Grade C.

D- Grade artists:
Artists who are still in their formation but have a promising career ahead. Concerts of local musicians.

Students concerts which we offer are generally free. Therefore often well attended.
During Off - season from April to September charges are 33% less