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Art Chamber Galeria de Belas Artes
'Rhapsody' is an exhibition cum art camp which marks the coming together of a vibrant mix of contemporary artists from various parts of India and abroad. The works on display are an eclectic mix of modern expressions moulded by each artist in their signature style. The collection of works is therefore characterised by an inherent theme which highlights and celebrates the true essence of contemporary art. Each artist uses an unique fusion of colours, forms, textures and mediums to recreate an ensemble of their thoughts, emotions, expressions and contexts. The exhibition and camp also highlights the vision of Dr. Snehalata Prasad, artist and owner, Sneha Art Gallery which is to further the cause of Indian art and at the same time encourage vibrant and healthy conciliation of ideas and techniques between artists from all over the works.

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curated by Snehalat Prasad
from 21st Jan - 30th Jan 2017

The event also presents an unique opportunity to art collectors and lovers to not only appreciate the outstanding works of the art but also interact with their creators as the camp is being held simultaneously with the exhibition. The exhibition commences on 21st January'17 at Art Chamber, Calangute, Goa and culminates on 30th January'17 and the camp shall be held from 25thto 30th January'17.
The camp has been planned in a manner which facilitates a healthy and robust interaction between various artists and allows for free flow of thoughts and experiences. Activities such as workshops, group discussions, presentations and live demonstrations have been meticulously planned so as to make the most of the presence of such eminent personalities.

Hirday Kaushal
Rs 8000/-
Narendra Sharma
Acrylic on canvas
24 x 24
Rs 65000
Niladri Paul
Acrylic on canvas
30 x 30
Rs 300000/-
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Rajesh Salgaonkar
Mixmedia on paper
41 x 29
Rs 150000
Dr Snehalata Prasad
Rs 60000
Sridhar Iyer
Acrylic on canvas
24” x 24”
Rs 300000
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Jaya Kumar
Acrylic on Canvas
4ft x 3ft
Rs 72000
Dr Leela Dewan
Acrylic on canvas board
Rs 20000
24 x 24
KK Makali
Tribal Women
29 x 23
Rs 35000
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Aadhi Vishal
20 x 20
RS 33500/-
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Francis Desouza
An Almost Fairy Tale
Mix media on paper
Rs 35000
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