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Yolanda - cyclic ceramic canvasses

Prof. Les Menezes,
Faculty Canberra University, Australia

Yolanda opens her heart in her paintings and achieves a cathartic release of some pain pent up, deeply buried in dark sunless measureless underground caves of her psyche. Her shafts of perception emerge at white heat but do not pour out on her canvasses as volcanic lava but rather burst out like rocks and boulders, panting, heaving thrown up momently through cracks. She is possessed, consumed but the total vision only takes shape when these intense fragments fit together like pieces in a jigsaw on the canvass. Working at speed to transfer the inspiration into the complex structure that captures the compelling inspiration, she bypasses the basic steps of designing in miniature or laying down a preliminary sketch or outline from which the larger work emerges. She achieves sublime levels of artistic unconsciousness.
She goes to the heart of her creativity by outpouring her intense feelings in one long burst of feverish expression sometimes on paper in watercolour if the right materials are not available but usually on canvass. The inspiration determines the size and shape of the work. Each work is finished when it finds expression.

The content is never repeated.

Joy is significantly absent but in some paintings she preserves moments of the past, a world gone by and lost, wrapped lovingly with images of nostalgia. The pain is turned into joy through someone else's appreciation, involvement, sharing in the contrapuntal asymmetry. The ridges, valleys, textures of her surfaces project the deep-seated feeling and the creative process. The dominant monochrome colour captures the emotional consciousness and injects a central tonality. The ceramic glazed face "fixes" in time the deep seated inspiration flung up momently. The fire and ice bring about a release and the creative bursts plunge into lifelessness, stillness, a peace till the next outpouring. Her "fragments" burn like meteors so that the inspiration can see the light of day. Her satisfaction is seeing others interpreting and climbing into the unresolved emotion and finding answers and correspondences. There has to be a total burnout for complete release because her creativity is a cyclic process.

Born and brought up in Goa ,A Portuguese Territory until its liberation in 1961,Yolanda de Sousa Kammermeier holds a B.F.A.(painting) Degree from The University of Bombay.Yolanda's style of creating a ceramic like effect on canvas with relief and high gloss has become her trade mark She enjoys working with watercolours too .She selects her medium as per the feeling of the subject Her works are in collections in India and abroad.

In Yolanda's visual work, two images recur vice-versa. One set of her works shows the visage of a strange person, with a Cyclopic eye, in close-up frontal view. The face spans the entire vertical and horizontal space. The face is shattered, broken into pieces, but consolidated as in a jigsaw puzzle. His large eye apparently does not convey any particular message, but if the spectator looks at it for a few moments, the stare is harrowing. Though painted in many colours, only one colour dominates the palette.
The other set shows a loner, a man in his deeply private moment. The open space around this man is filled with a strange eloquent silence. He often carries a guitar and a pet dog follows him. In these paintings we find a book with the queer title "Who am I?" This title suggests a soliloquy within. The viewer sees his own persona in these paintings. Though the dog cannot speak, he can share human emotions. The strings of the guitar await human touch and can express the intents of the self within. Man, in his journey from birth to death, is a loner. During his lifetime, he experiences a number of shocks, and has to adjust himself with the realities around. Human existence is therefore woven with conflicts between the self and the persona. Yolanda as a sensitive artist touches this human chord within when she ventures into the twilight zone of this conflict. The two sets of work complement each other by creating an ambience of self-actualization. She makes us conscious about the fact that as human beings we are bounded by certain limitations that are inviolable and insurmountable. As an artist, Yolanda delves deep into the questioning mind and paints the sense of isolation felt by the individual. In her paintings, she objectifies the thinking mind in a unique manner.

-Dr Sovon Som.
April 17, 2009.

Brief- bio…B
Born and brought up in Goa, A Portuguese Territory until its liberation in 1961, Yolanda de Sousa Kammermeier holds a B.F.A. (painting) Degree from The University of Bombay.Yolanda's style of creating a ceramic like effect on canvas with relief and high gloss has become her trade mark She enjoys working with watercolours too. She selects her medium as per the feeling of the subject Her works are in collections in India and abroad

1998 in Bremen Germany
(2011) Berlin Germany
(2010) and Bremen Germany (2010),
Montreal Canada (2009),
Goa, Mumbai and Bangalore.
"See it my way" Goa 2012 and Brazil 2014
Goa .2016 at Art Chamber-A Alma e a Vida

On Invitation ,that include International shows in 2015-Japan, Hungary and Austria, Poland 2014, Bologna -Italy(2011) Hayduboszermeny- Hungary,2011,2012,2013.Haydunanas Hungary 2013 ,Arad Romania 2013,Bremen- Germany(2010),) New York(2010).Venice-Italy2009 Tashkent, Moscow 2003, Korea 2000, London 2006, besides Hyderabad, Kolkata, Bangalore, Goa including The 48th National Exhibition of Art organized by Lalit Kala Academy Delhi.

1.Awarded for Most Significant work at the 2015 Toyama International Art Residency organized by the Toyama Artistic and Cultural Centre Toyama Japan in 2015
2.Nominated by the jury as 'Most Impressive Painter' at the International Art Camp at Hajdunanas Hungary in July 2013
3. Awarded and Honoured along with 20 other Indian Artists for contribution to Painting by the Kalavart Nyas Ujjain Madhya Pradesh in 2013
4. Conferred with the State Cultural Award for outstanding contribution in Painting by the Government of Goa India for the Year 2010-115.
5. Recipient of the NIVO Award at The 48th international Artists Camp organized by the International Artists Colony Hajdubozsermeny Hungary for the year 2011.