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yolanda sousa
The canvas to me is a friend, with who I am totally free, with whom I am "me". With my canvas I share my very special moments, feelings, desires, moments of sadness and despair, of longing, of needing, of missing, of enjoying and sharing with others my thoughts and interpretations of topics, close to my heart.

I don't paint pretty pictures. I paint what makes me feel pretty within. To me reaction to what is portrayed becomes more important and endearing than the technique. My paintings almost always make a personal statement. It may not always be a social topic, in fact rarely so.I don't paint dreams, I like to live in a real world .... Yolanda

Castelo Vermelho 115/a
Gauravaddo, Calangute
Bardez, Goa, India
ph: 0091 9822160073

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