Rudolf Ludwig, owner and curator
Art Chamber
Galeria de Belas Artes
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Art Chamber as you see it, lies in the heart of the Calangute - Candolim tourist stretch, however on the inside, under the lush green of palm trees, and the paddy fields at the back. It was initially built as our home, but due to the unusual and artistic architecture it became also the home of an art gallery – the Art Chamber, Galeria de Belas Artes.

The building is a symbolic tribute to the unique Goan society, where many religions and communities living next door to each other with little or no friction at all – over hundreds of years. The serenity of this place is what makes Goa stand for in the public: the peacefulness and playfulness that modern man has largely scarified for material gains.

The Auditorium with its translucent dome was designed for two purposes: allowing through enough light for paintings on display and providing the acoustic for music. The Classical Music Soirees were initiated in January 2011 and meanwhile we enjoyed having a series of International top-class musicians performing here. It's one of the very few purpose built music auditoriums for Chamber Music in India. Only hand selected performers from US, Netherlands, Japan, Germany, UK, Australia, Sweden, Russia, Australia, Belgium, Sweden, Hungary and India had been chosen to mesmerize the public.

The Gallery had been established back in 1997 and dedicated its work to the promotion of local Goan artists. Since there were very few other initiatives during that period, one can say Art Chamber served as the craddle of Goan art and nursed its budding artists.Today there are Goan artists represented as well as national and international artists, making the Gallery again a frontrunner towards an exchange of national and international art. The location of Goa with its large international tourism is certainly supporting this cause.

Rudolf Ludwig

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