Application for Residency at Art Chamber

Castelo Vermelho 115/a, Gauravaddo
403516 Calangute, Goa, India
email :
mob: 0091- 9823217435

Gallery Art Chamber is in the heart of the famous Calangute / Candolim beach belt in the Tourism Paradise of Goa. The gallery lies behind the noisy main road from Calangute to Sinquerim behind the Kamat Holiday Homes complex in the quiet residential area amid lush green palm orchards and traditional Goan houses. The Gallery exists since 1997 and represents a number of Goan, Indian and international contemporary artists.
As an expanding cultural center in India, Goa is increasingly attracting 'cultural tourism'. It has two official languages (Konkanni and English) as well as many other tongues spoken by its multi-cultural population. This provides the basis of a lively cultural scene that organizes a great array of cultural events. The Residency is a new activity of Art Chamber because of its central location between the local and the International artscene.



Type, Idea and Duration of Residency

The residency programme at Art Chamber is designed for artists to stay at the cottage, and work here , getting in contact with tourists, artlovers and those who pass by. It's intended as an active interaction of the artist through his medium with the people here for an extended period of time.

The cottage is located at the back yard of Art Chamber and it's ideal to relax, enjoy life and create with the purpose of having a successful exhibition.

We expect an artist to take 4 weeks working on his art as well as preparing minutely his/her exhibition, contacting people, Press, fellow artists etc for which we assist.

Fee of Residency

Fee for one month incl exhibition is EURO 1000 or Rs 80000/- (eighty thousand)

>> What we give
1) an exhibition at the Gallery for 10 days
2) four weeks of accomodation at the cottage (see images)
3) place to work, basic tools, equipment (also for sculpture, installation)
4) breakfast, lunch (veg/non-veg.)
5) 1 day tour to important cultural places / venues in Goa
6) free participation at Friday Nite Art Bazaar if event it falls into that period and to any event happening during that period at Art Chamber

>> What we expect
1) one painting as donation to the fundus,
2) appr 30 works of art for display (accoding to the space)
3) 33% commission of works sold at the Gallery


3. How to proceed:
- Read the Terms & Conditions and send email to or call +91 9823217435



Renting the cottage daily:
for artists who want to stay and work without a planned exhibition
- rate is Rs 1000 per day. Minimum 10 days of occupation.
- Donation of one artwork to the gallery is appreciated


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